About Barnsley Community Build

BCB Trading – Building Better Communities

Apprentice Brick Laying BCB BarnsleyBCB is a charity and a social enterprise that has two areas of involvement, Training and Commercial that are very closely interlinked. All the profits from our commercial activities go directly to our training company.

Our commercial activities are designed to add to the experience of our Apprentices by providing valuable on the job training.

Our Board of Trustees sets the policy and direction for BCB. None of the Trustees wants or receives any payment for their services and although they could, no one claims expenses. This ensures that every penny BCB receives from its activities is used for training or the other services we provide to the community.

Our Achievements

Over the past fifteen years we have received numerous commendations and letters of thanks.

Our recent successes include

  • 2011 – Runner-up in the Yorkshire Social Enterprise of the Year Award
  • 2012 – Winner of the Yorkshire Social Enterprise of the Year Award
  • 2013 – A Moorlands College Apprentive won the South Yorkshire Training Groups Apprentice of the Year Awards
  • Hundreds of people trained, gaining qualifications & finding employment
  • Hundreds of school pupils on taster qualifications courses

Barnsley Community Build takes pride in putting people before profit and our dedicated staff do not give up on people. Our training and experience benefits individuals, the local environment, the local community, local skills, qualifications and employability base.

Individual success through training, qualifications and employment leads to:

  • Increased well being, self esteem & worth
  • Financial stability
  • A sense of worth to their community


Our Values, Ethics, Aims & Objectives

Our ethos and values demand that we treat all the people and organisations with:

  • Honesty
  • Trust
  • Respect
  • Transparency

With the above in mind we will achieve success in:

  • Providing opportunities and delivering high quality training especially for disadvantaged people
  • Enhancing the skills and qualification base in our area in addition to giving our people a higher level of security and self esteem
  • Improve the local environment by a number of positive initiatives
  • Increase the amount of affordable living accommodation in Barnsley

We plan to forge a close collaboration between our need to improve the local environment, housing and our ambition to increase the employability of our trainees and apprentices.

This will be achieved by a highly qualified and dedicated staff providing not only classroom based knowledge and experience but also provide highly desirable on-site training and skills that are valued by our trainees, society in general and employers.

We aim to continue our current programs and projects, improve our services and assist the local community by having a positive influence on:

  • Social and economic depravation
  • The relief of poverty
  • Higher levels of skilled employment through training, skills and qualifications
  • Support the enhancement of education and training by creating new provision and opportunities for our trainees
  • Environment improvement in spaces and housing

BCB Board Members

BCB Partners

Barnsley Community Build work with a number of partners to help us achieve our goals;